Saturday, November 28, 2009

My birthday!

Hi everyone,
It's my birthday today so I am having a fabulous time planning a little get-to-gether for a few friends tonight. I know, I know, why am I doing all the work? At least I'm not making my own birthday cake. I can't believe I used to do that! How sad!
I love birthdays. We make a big thing of them in our family. It's just so nice to celebrate the day you were born. For me it's not about presents, I really don't want or need anything- it's just being with loved ones and feeling loved and cherished.
The best birthday present I have had this last week was a number one bestseller in the US with The Future King's Love-Child. Thank you to all my American readers for buying my book in the Royal House of Karedes Continuity. You rock!
Have a great week.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Home again

Hi everyone,
I am home again and wishing I was back in Queensland! It was such a wonderful break. So much sunshine and so much fun.
Fraser Island was the highpoint for me. I achieved a long held dream of swimming across Lake MacKenzie. The water was fresh and warm and the swim one of the most memorable. Not in terms of length, it's hardly the English Channel but it was meaningful to me.
We went back on foot the next day and it was a 21 kilometre round trip so it gave me foot a good work out. It was a real test and I passed with flying colours. Hardly any swelling and pain so that was such a relief. There will be no stopping me now!
The other lovely thing we did was go to Australia Zoo just out of Caloundra. It was started by the amazing and sadly now deceased Steve Irwin. I felt touched by the experience of visiting his wildlife world. I hope you like the photo of the koala who was having a nap. Did you know they sleep for 20 hours a day?
Now it is back to work and of course the lead up to Christmas. I am slowly getting organised. I am still in holiday mode!
Have a happy week,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday bliss

Hi everyone,
I am having a relaxing time on Fraser Island after a few days in Noosa on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. I won't tell you how many years ago I honeymooned on Fraser but it was a long time ago! It is still so unchanged, although the resort we are staying at is nothing like the camping we did all those years ago!
It is so nice to be on holiday and have nothing to do all day but sightsee and think about what to have for the next meal. Just as well my foot is functioning better now so I can exercise off all the delicious food I am eating.
I had a lovely afternoon swim in the resort pool yesterday and today I hope to visit Lake Mackenzie but we had trouble getting through the track with our hire car even though it is a four wheel drive. The conditions are the worst the locals have seen for years as they haven't had any rain to settle the sand down. We got bogged a couple of times and had to be helped out. So embarrassing!
Thanks for the lovely emails, especially from Sima in India. My first Indian fan! So nice to have you as one of my readers.
All the best,
Melanie x

Monday, November 09, 2009

Off to Queensland

Hi everyone,
I am about to leave on a holiday ( some novel research as well) in lovely gorgeous sunny Queensland. I am a little torn about leaving the dogs but they will be happy with my Dad looking after them.
We begin at Noosa for a conference for my husband and then we go to Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world. We honeymooned there a long time ago so it will be very nostalgic returning. We won't be camping this time!
I am really looking forward to the break. I have just started book two of my trilogy so it will be great to do a few pages each day if I get the time. I will make the time!!!
Have a fabulous week.
Best wishes,

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