Friday, July 31, 2009

You can buy my books right here!

Hi everyone,
I have great news. You can now buy some of my books right from my website. So for those of you who have missed titles or can't wait for your country's release go right ahead and buy on line.
I am having a good recovery so far from my back surgery. I am sitting for longer and longer and feel really positive about the original problem being fixed. So nice to be without excruciating pain.
It's wet and wild just now and my little dogs are looking at me wondering why we aren't going for our usual walk. The weather people are predicting a warmer than usual spring. Ha Ha, will believe it when I see it. I must say all your poor UK readers are having a very wet summer. I saw some news clips and really feel for you. I remember when we lived in the UK how much we looked forward to summer and then we blinked and it was gone! It's good reading weather though, right?
All the best,

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hi everyone,
I am a terrible patient I have decided. I am too impatient. I want to be able to do things way before my body is ready to do them. It is so frustrating but there you go. It is a lesson I have to learn.
It's hard if you are a go-getting sort of person to be suddenly held back. It can be via physical things or personal issues, even family members can interfere with your plans as many of you young mothers would know! I guess the trick is to always remind yourself that this too will pass. I remember one of our neighbours when we lived in Scotland wisely saying that to me when I was expressing my frustration at my son not sleeping much. She was right. It did pass and now he's impossible to get out of bed!
I am doing a little more each week and this week hope to get some writing done. I miss it so much. I feel like a part of me is missing.
Have a great week.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home again

Hi everyone,
Well I am back home after my back surgery. It all went very well and even though I am a bit sore( big understatement!) I don't have the same pain in my back as before which is a good thing. I am really looking forward to getting back to full mobility which will take about three months. It will be six weeks before I can lift anything! I will turn into a prima donna for sure. Only joking!
I am going to write a little bit each day as I can't sit for long periods. I will use the time to read and think and also to catch up on some business things. I might even tidy my office which has got out of hand over the last few months.
Long walks will be my only form of exercise for a couple of weeks which will be a nice change from swimming. The weather has been so cold lately that the thought of going to the pool is a little offputting.
Thanks to all the people who emailed me to wish me well. A special hello to Brigette and to my writing colleagues Trish Morey and Sharon Archer and Fiona Lowe, Amy Andrews and Carol Marinelli and the rest of the medical authors loop who sent me lovely roses. They really made my day.
All the best,

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Countdown week

Hi everyone,
This is a big week for me as early next week I am having some back surgery. Ouch! Yes, I know it sounds horrible and it is in a way but I am hopeful it will get me back to full working order. I had a nasty fall a couple of years ago and damaged my already operated on disc. Now I must go through the ordeal of a fusion and a disc replacement. It will be a challenge but I have been living with chronic pain for over a year now so anything has to be better than that! It has made me realise how hard life is for those with chronic conditions. Each day is a battle, a challenge to get through. It takes a lot of courage to keep smiling. I have to admit I've had some bad days when I've felt very sorry for myself but I hope I can pull myself out of this with my usual high spirits.
We have a little guest staying with us. His name is Archie and he followed us home after my son and I were taking Pippi and Polly out for a walk. His owners have not returned our calls as yet. We didn't have the heart to send him to the pound. He is so cute. He gets on brilliantly with Pippi but Polly is a bit of a princess and gives him such a scathing-who-is-this-bit-of-riff-raff look. It's so amusing to watch the interactions.I will have to put Archie in a future book. He really has such character.
Wish we luck for Tuesday week!
All the best,

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