Saturday, June 27, 2009

The mysterious disappearance of some pages

Hi everyone,
I am sorry I am blogging a bit later than usual,( or if you like a little earlier!) but the combination of technical difficulties and a health issue made this weeks one of those weeks one would rather dismiss from the memory!
Anyway, here I am now so that is the main thing. Kate Walker is conducting a special party for Harlequin's 60th birthday on her website in July. There are prizes galore and guest bloggers one of whom is me. I hope you can drop by and see what goodies you can claim.
A lovely lady emailed me about recieving a book from Harlequin online which had some pages missing. How frustrating! Please let me know if this happens to you too. There might be a problem with a batch of books. I have checked the copies that I have had sent to me and they are fine.
Happy reading to you all.
Melanie x

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A brief trip away

Hi everyone,
I had a quick trip to Sydney on the weekend which was fun. Lots of shopping, catching up with family and a 30th birthday party. Now it's back to work as next weekend I am away again for a Robert McKee seminar in Melbourne. It will be pretty full on so there won't be any time for shopping. It will be a great opportunity to work at my craft however so I am looking forward to it.
The dogs hate it when I am away. I know now where that phrase came from-hang dog look. That's exactly what they look like when they see me packing a bag! Of course the welcome when I come back is so lovely. It makes me feel so loved. My poor husband doesn't get a look in. They completely ignore him as they dance with glee around me. Ah so nice to be so popular.
I hope everyone has a great week.
All the best,

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cold and rainy

Hi everyone,
I think the drought is over in Tasmania. We've had heaps of rain and there's more to come. And this week there is the promise of snow! I love it when it's cold and wet, the house is so warm and cosy and I feel like writing so much more than when it's sunny. Of course when it's sunny I want to be outside walking the dogs and so on. Mt Wellington looks fabulous when it is covered in snow. It a like a big cup cake with icing on the top.
After finishing some revisions on a new medical (title to be announced soon)I am going back to my Spanish hero. I can't wait! I don't like to be away too long from my characters, especially these ones.
I hope you have a happy week.
Thanks for the lovely emails. Special hello to Sherrie!

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