Monday, March 30, 2009

Autum on its way

Hi everyone,
I was out walking the dogs and saw the first leaves starting to turn. I love this time of year, almost as much as I love spring. I love the crunch of leaves underfoot and the host of colours. If I wasn't a writer I would definitely be an artist. Well...if I could actually paint that is! Big wave to Anu who is having a birthday this week and who is a really gifted artist. Big hugs!
This week I am on iheartpresents so if you want to drop by please do so. If you want to drop by here that's cool too. Thanks for the lovely emails I've had recently from readers. I love hearing from you all.
Hope you have a great week.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Autumn here

Hi folks,
Well on this side of the world autumn ( fall for the US readers) is here. I love the turning of the leaves and the way the evenings are cooler. We have daylight savings change back this weekend so the evenings will be even cooler and darker.
I have been a busy bee working on some revisions as well as an article for iheartpresents. There is never a dull moment, that's for sure. I have also been doing a lot of reading, which is nothing unusual as I am a avid reader, but there's nothing like a new Jodi Picoult book to get me cosied up in bed for a day! If you haven't discovered her read her as she is so good at engaging the reader emotionally. She is also brilliant at making you think about issues from different angles. It is so easy to see the world from our own point of view. If you just step sideways for a moment and look at a situation from another angle you get an entirely different perspective.
I hope you have a great week and that whatever you are reading challenges you to think about life and love.
All the best,
Melanie x

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Writing is hard work!

Hi everyone,
OK now I am going to let you into a secret-writing is damn hard work. While being a full time writer is a dream job there are so many things to juggle, as indeed there are with any other job. The trouble with writing(or any other creative pursuit) is the job doesn't stop. I am still thinking while I am doing other things, such as domestic stuff or even talking to other people.Yes! What an embarrassing confession but I do. Often people are chatting about their lives and my mind starts to wander and wonder. I suddenly have a novel idea pop into my head. It can be most inconvenient! Anyway, I am working hard on some big revisions. I have changed my mind about the whole set up of my novel so it's a big rewrite. I love it though as I have a very clear sense of where I am going with it. I hope you like it when it finally makes it to the shelves.
Have a great week!
Melanie x

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Come rain and thunder

Hi everyone,
Well there is nothing I like better than a wet weekend and boy did we get one in Hobart. It was quite timely too, not just because we need the rain but because I had a nasty throat virus. It gave me a perfect excuse to stay in bed and read for the whole day! I always feel guilty for doing so unless I am really sick so it was worth it to be coughing and spluttering. I am so much better now and feel recharged after reading for hours on end. I think I enjoy being able to do something like that these days as I remember when my kids were small how hard it was to have time to recover when I was unwell. Isn't motherhood hard?! I can't remember a day when I had a full day in bed and yet I am sure I was much sicker then than since.
We had some lovely rain and even a storm over the weekend which was fabulous.Great for the farmers and of course the garden.
I hope your week is a good one.
All the best,
Melanie x

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Busy busy busy...

Hi everyone,
What is it about some weeks that makes them so busy? This one has only just started but before I know it, it will be Friday and I will be wondering where the time has gone. I am working on setting more realistic goals for myself. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew but instead of spitting half of it out I just chew harder and faster! Not a good idea for the long term. I am learning how to be kinder to myself. Hah! We'll see how it goes.
I had a great weekend in Newcastle in N.S.W celebrating a friend's birthday. I have been a part of their family for a long time so it was lovely to see everyone.
The top photo is of two very special young women called Hayley and Gemma Aldrich. They are the daughters of my second brother and his wife Rob and Deb.Rob is the crazy man on the right in the second photo! And Deb is his lovely wife with us in the third. I used Hayley and Gemma's names in two of my books-Wedded and Bedded for Revenge and Willingly Bedded,Forcibly Wedded.
The theme for the night was Hawaii Five-O which was fun. It was at a surf club and the waves were rolling in so it was very authentic.
I hope you all have a fabulous week and do lots of reading!
Happy thoughts,
Melanie x

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