Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busier

Hi everyone,
As you can see I am a couple of days behind catching up with my blog but that is because I am so busy I can barely think. I had visitors last week so I was snatching time when I could to write and now I am in catch up mode. I have some revisions I am working on and instead of doing a few tweaks here and there I decided the change the whole plot. Crazy huh?! I love the story I am writing now so I am sure it will be worth the chewed nails and sleepless nights as I try and get it finished in a week. The weather is still nice, not as hot as before but pleasant. We are going to the beach house for a week next week so I might not be able to access my blog from there. Sometimes I can, other times I can't for some reason.
I am having a CT scan of my foot today to see if my broken bone has healed. If it hasn't it looks like I might be in for surgery after all. I am not looking forward to the crutches and no walking for six weeks but if I can run again at the end I will be happy.
I saw Easter eggs in the shops last week. I haven't got over Christmas yet! I can't believe January is nearly over.
Hope you have a good week.
Happy reading!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wonderful news!

Hi everyone,
I am totally blown away by the news this weeks that I was awarded THREE cataromance reviewer's choice awards. I have won one each year since I was first published but three is just so out of this world. I feel so humbled to receive such an acolade as I know just how many fabulous books are reviewed each year. My heartfelt thanks to the cataromance team as well as you my readers who support me by buying and reading my books.
It's going to be a busy week as my big brother is staying with us with one of his gorgeous daughters. It is always great to have family around but I will feel very torn this week as I have some revisions to see to on a Presents novel. I sometimes wish I could spilt myself in to two people!
I went to Melbourne with my younger son for an appointment and we happened to go into a pet shop where we saw rag doll kittens. They are so cute! They are apparently called that because as soon as you hold them they relax into your arms like a rag doll. We also saw some miniature poodle puppies and of course you can imagine how I gushed over them. One was so like Polly in looks and personality it was almost uncanny.
Have a wonderful week and keep safe.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Roasting in Tasmania

Hi folks,
Well I wil take back everything I have ever said about Tasmania being on the chilly side. We've had some of the hottest few days for years last week. It was over 30 Celsius three days running and althought the evenings were cooler they were warmer than normal. The dogs were too hot to walk very far, especially Polly as she is a week off being clipped. She looks like a raggy doll. So cute!
I am almost half way with my continuity book which is great. I love the characters and I think it will be a great series for HMB. I have been very disciplined in getting a certain amount done each day and it has paid off. I had yesterday ( Sunday) off and we had lunch at some friends' house at a seaside place called South Arm. It was such a fun day and the time just flew past. It's great when you have friends that are so easy-going that even when you haven't seen them for ages you can simply pick up where you left off as if it had been yesterday.
Hope you are all well, thanks for the lovely emails for those who have contacted me lately.
Melanie x

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Two Weeks Behind!!!

Hi everyone,
Happy New Year to you all. I am two weeks late updating my blog as we were up at our beach house and for some reason I couldn't get my browser to work. We are still on dial up there so it makes it a bit sluggish. Anyway, I am back in the saddle so to speak after a lovely break. Instead of being super-active I spent a lot of time resting in between long walks and the occasional swim. The dogs had such a fabulous time, they are both really tired and Pippi has finally lost weight. She needed to as she is a bit of a pig and takes Polly's food if she can get away with it.
I am excited about another continuity I have been asked to join. I have done a couple of chapters and I am really enjoying the characters. I have a bestseller in the US so thanks to all my wonderful US fans who put Bought For Her Baby in the number 2 position last week. That was a thrill and it makes me all the more determined to write the sort of stories you like to read.
Hope you have a great week.
All the best,
Melanie x

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